Sunday, March 1, 2009

Prayer Chain

I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if what you're saying makes sense.

Example #1: One evening I was watching Extreme Home Make Over. (I know, bad idea.) An entire city was devastated by a horrible tornado. One part of the show centered around this old woman whose house had been completely demolished but the heart warming part was that God spared her rose garden. Really? That line of thinking seems a little backwards to me. Ok, so God was like, "I need to destroy this town but leave them a shred of hope to cling to so I'll cut this old lady some slack and NOT blow her roses away. They'll appreciate that for sure." It's strange that they seem to think that one thing is not related to the other. They seem to think it was like a battle between the weather and God and the one thing God was able save was a bush. How is it that God is given credit for what he saved from the tornado that he brought? That's weird, right?

This next example has been spinning around my brain for days.

In order to protect the identity of the innocent I will call this person, "Frank"
The conversation went as follows:
Frank: My wife is flying to Texas to be with her brother in the hospital.
Me: Oh no, what's going on?
Frank: Her brother is only 36 and had back surgery but something went wrong and now his internal organs are failing and he might not make it.
Me: That's awful!
Frank: Yea, tonight when I get home I'm gonna get on the phone and start a "Prayer Chain".
Me: *eyes widen, brain explodes*

This conversation reinforced my suspicion that what you say doesn't need to make sense if enough people say it. I'll explain what a prayer chain is for those who aren't familiar with it. One person calls a bunch of people and asks them to pray for something and those people call more people and ask the same and so on.

Alright, here's my beef with the prayer chain. The logic behind it. God is causing this guys internal organs to fail, but if enough people pray for the man God might change his mind and not kill him. It's Gods will to kill or not kill but apparently if we all pray we might sway him. Is it that they don't think God is aware of the situation? Did they forget that according to their line of thought God is the one willing this to happen? Isn't praying questioning Gods infinite wisdom?

What if the entire world prayed all at once to end global warming? What if we all prayed to grow tails? (I would totally do that.)

When I bring these questions up to people who say things like this I get the stink eye and told that I'm just being negative. Huh. I'd never equated logic and negativity before.

Perhaps what they want is to remain blissfully ignorant.

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