Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lil Snarky Erica

Is there a way to explain why you've chosen to be an atheist without sounding condescending?

On sounding condescending, I relate to when I was a vegetarian (1 year). There was no way for me to say that eating something that was once alive and breathing grossed me out without making it sound like I was also grossed out by the person asking the question for them eating meat. How do I say that the notion of a god existing is a silly one without sounding like I also think the believer is a little off their rocker as well?

My old youth pastor messaged me on facebook this weekend asking why I decided to be an atheist. It took me a while to answer because I didn't want my response to be rude or disrespectful in anyway. I basically said that I can't rely on blind faith in a god to direct my life. Here's what I wrote him.
"The atheist thing sort of came about over time. I'd always struggled with believing in all of it even when I was a little kid. I wanted to believe but, from what I've found, the existence of God doesn't make sense. I could go into the whole evidence and science thing but I know the likely response to that will be the argument of faith taking the place of evidence. It's a circular debate. There was no "if god existed then (insert bad event) would never have happened!" moment. There was no one whispering in my ear telling me god wasn't real. I just began evaluating what I believed and why."

I felt pretty good about that answer.
I wanted to write "Atheism makes me happy!"
Strangely enough, it does. Freedom is an amazing feeling.


  1. You aren't allowed to have a firm opinion without eventually seeming like a real asshole. It's okay. Just get a message tee, har har haaaaaaar.

  2. Your comment about attaining that first breath of freedom from the vicious oppression & violence that comes with religion is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And remember, you are your own person with your own ideas and thoughts and no one should feel disrespected if you voice them as such. There are people out there who make it their life's work to wait for the next moment that they can be offended and to spend their time formulating their next rebuttal. If it was a pastor with whom you declared your new found freedom, you need to realize that he, like all christians, believes that at the end of the day, you, like anyone who doesn't believe as they do, is going to a place called "hell." What audacity! There is no reason that you should ever feel guilty about feeling the way that you have expressed here! You are happy with your new found freedom, and it has come about through your own self-discovery, and that is fucking awesome!


  3. and by the way, lol, been a vegetarian for nearly 14 years now, and yes, when you tell someone who can't even imagine stopping eating meat, it may shock them---but if they take some kind of offense, um, that's not your problem! : ) if anything, the next question they will ask, is "why/when did you stop eating meat?" your story that follows, much like "why/when did you stop believing?" will educate them, open their mind, and regardless of what they feel about your choices, they will respect you as one who makes them for yourself!