Monday, March 2, 2009

Atheism is Kinda Like an STD

When I was a kid I remember trying to get the courage up to talk to my friends about going to church and god. My major fear was they they were going to have an argument that I wouldn't have an answer for and I would start to doubt my faith. Even then I knew that what I was being taught didn't make sense to people who weren't raised in it. I knew it was hard to believe.
For me, religion was based on feelings and my need to fit in and be loved.
Now, I fear being judged for my lack of belief.

Like I talked about in my previous post, I get annoyed by the insertion of belief in everyday media, conversation and life. I don't like being forced to pray at public ceremonies and events. I always hope that there isn't going to be some local mega-church leader standing at the front giving his dramatic pre-dinner prayer.
I always keep my eyes open. It's my little protest.

I don't know how to approach religion in public.

I thought I was going to have one theme for this post but I was mistaken!

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  1. Haha, I always thought of keeping my eyes open as a protest too. This is Frink, btw. It's good to see you're writing again.